International Woman’s Day!

As we all know today is International Woman’s Day. However, this post is not going to rave on about the greatness and independence of woman and their role in today’s society. Instead, it’s… Continue reading

The Telegraph

Today was probably one of the most inspiring/interesting days of our journalist careers, as part of an experiment (let’s say) we braved rush hour on the Victoria line and arrived at 111 Buckingham Palace Road, to The… Continue reading

Here’s something new…

Here’s something a little different… KONY! Many of you readers may not have heard of this man, but it is very important that we make this man as famous as possible! Joesph Kony… Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Editor of Grazia once said to us, “the name doesn’t matter, it’s the content that counts”. We all know the famous saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but let’s be honest,… Continue reading

Sportswear gone Sexy…

With the London 2012 Summer Olympics on its way, were all warming up, not only for the heat this summer may bring, but also for the sporty fashions were all dying to show… Continue reading

Fashion spreads just as fast as gossip…

Let’s admit, we all love to watch a couple hours worth of TV shows when our lives lack drama. But we don’t just love the entertainment it offers, but also the clothes that… Continue reading

Jeepers Creepers

Creepers. They’re everywhere. A marmite situation, a pair of shoes you either adore or despise. When parading down Brick Lane this Sunday (bagel in hand of course) the number count of creepers soared… Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week… one of the most looked forward to events of the year, and were gutted it doesn’t stay all year round. But we still have a few more days to enjoy… Continue reading

Lagerfeld & Starbucks

Karl Lagerfeld adores minimalism and in his latest show, Chanel’s spring/summer 2012 season, audiences were awed with the sheer perfection of his poetic under water vision, backstage he said “I love the sea — it’s… Continue reading