Dear reader I just read this and well, I thought that I really should share it with all you other girls out there: Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression… Continue reading

The Monokini

I can say for myself that this summer I’m splashing out on monokinis. Not only are they sexy as hell but the perfect compromise between a swimsuit and a bikini. So even after… Continue reading

Spring in your step…

This morning the clouds cleared to reveal a much wanted, highly missed blue sky and knowing us, we can’t wait to start dressing in the spirit of the sun. But hold out world.… Continue reading

Ethical Fashion

Who say fashion can’t be educational? Fashion intertwines so many other topics; English, Maths, History and Geography are all co-founders of fashion. Remember smart is sexy. But, today I sat in a hot, stuffy lecture… Continue reading

Before you leave…

One of my favorite things to do when I’m looking for ideas to keep my life lively or keep myself busy is to find a park bench on a hot summer’s day with… Continue reading

Keep the markets of London alive…

We feel its our right to share with you our favourite undiscovered pockets of london and the hustling markets we adore to rendezvous in the early hours of the day. These aren’t orders… Continue reading

Boy Meets Fashion…

When talking about fashion, people often refer to the female wardrobe and from our experience growing up around preadolescent boys, they seem to have little interest in their wardrobe and as Cher in… Continue reading

The power of Red

The power of color is extraordinary. How boring would the world be if it was in black and white, very depressing if I’m honest. And yes I guess we all do like a pair… Continue reading

McQueen strikes again…

We know it happened a few days ago, and by now we should all know about Alexander McQueens magnificent show displayed in Paris fashion week, of his Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 collection, but we still can’t get… Continue reading


There are many ways to express your views, opinions and ideas about the world, especially fashion. This blog is an example of just that, but there are so many other ways. We would… Continue reading