Bralet Sket?

Excuse the slang, it rhymed but we can’t deny that bocices and bralet are revealling. Stomach on show, belly button out and I admit this is a big thing… bloated bellies are a no no. Yet for those a bit more conservative who want to pull it of, pair a bralet with a highwaisted skater skirt, perhaps American Apparel waist cluching disco pants or maybe a hippy-esque maxi skirt to hide the (existent/non-existent) flab behind a swish of chiffon.   We’ve put together a bralet to buy list *it’s all cheap and cheerful* 1. The fun floral (£25, Topshop) 2. The girly gingham (£22, Motel) 3. The… Continue reading

Morocco – Day 1

The post I have been so looking forward to writing is here, well, day one of it. I can’t promise a post everyday, as I wish to spend a couple of days by… Continue reading

Bobbi Brown Beauty…

Being girls, it is essential to remain looking good and healthy all day long, especially at work or on a dream date with a dream boy. Yeah right. With all the make-up some… Continue reading

Plain on the Plane…

As I write this, I am sitting on a small, uncomfortable seat on an Easy Jet plane, awaiting my landing in Morocco, Marrakech. This is my first post abroad, and this will not… Continue reading

Cher Horowitz

Clueless? Definitely not when it came to fashion, this blonde ‘bimbo’ had brains in the sphere of her closet. Whether making boys tactfully fall in love with her, upping her grades or helping… Continue reading

Summer without slacking…

Considering summer is usually considered the hottest season of the year, people use this savoured time to wear as little as possible. And why not? There is nothing better than going out in… Continue reading

Leggings… the easy way out

So ideally, this summer we want to stroll around in floral dresses, maxi skirts and booty shorts, but lets face it, worldwide summer isn’t always typically hot. Jeans, although one of the most… Continue reading

Divine Denim

So just to warn you all, you can work denim all year round but that isn’t an excuse to wear excess, double denim is an area that needs to be debated. But while… Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, world wide fashion icon. The girl thousands of men loved worldwide, and note; her thighs touched. The modelling agencies of today seem to be lost in the desire for thin frames… Continue reading

A fine line between that caramel complexion and tangerine tan

So after a very sweet, summery, girly day I can finally sit back on my bed, with the sunshine pouring in (note it is already 7o’clock) and type away. It’s been difficult to… Continue reading