Fitness Turns To Fashion

High school girls will do absolutely anything to get out of the dreaded morning P.E. (physical education for those of you who are completely oblivious to this unworldly activity) lessons, because lets face it, why make all the effort for school if its just going to get ruined whilst running laps on the track or breaking sweat in the gym (plus who wants to stink of sweaty gym socks all day?) So today, whilst observing my fellow classmates, aimlessly running around our sports hall, and me sitting in the lapse of luxury (on the floor), I contemplated what it would be like for fitness to become fashion, not in-terms of stick thin models but in a way that makes getting those bodies and achieving those goals easy (and fun). I then it came to me, a flash of light, a thought that ran through my skin like an electric current (you get the picture right?) A gym, aimed for those less able in the sporting area but more able in the departments stores, a completely fashion equipped gym. And no I do not mean a gym with the latest technology in the latest prints. I mean a gym where each exercise has a realistic resemblance to those activities we part take in at the store.

Just think about it for a moment… here let me help. How about doing star jumps with shopping bags on your arms, its just like your in a real shopping centre bumping up and down through the crowds to get those perfect pair of Louboutins that wait for you… or possibly doing step ups in those exact Louboutins (they won’t get ruined i assure you). This can help you practice ascending and descending those stairs at the balls and galas you attend with elegance (while burning off that thigh fat). Or even doing sit ups; each time you ‘sit up’ you will grab that designer handbag that sits on the stool in front of you, always within reach but gurl you have to work for it. Its just like working to earn the money to buy the object, but now your making your body do all the work. Or how about jumping up and down with your arms above your head to reach the cashmere sweater that’s on the top shelf in Bendels? Keep jumping girlfriend, eventually you’ll get there (as well as reach that ultimate weight loss). 



On top of all these, while you work out your muscles, you could be modelling the latest sports range, new trainers, yoga pants… the whole lot!

Just a thought?

The Girl Next Door x