Appeal to Autumn

Today a reminder of the season, a little robin landed on my window silk and gave me a quizzical look, I knew exactly what he was thinking; “Why is this fool even attempting to go out the house in just a shirt, it’s jacket season!” 

Sure enough I try to defy the autumn chills with its icy mornings and unexpected showers almost every morning. It’s now part of my daily routine to regret not grabbing a coat while sheltering in Starbucks from the monsoon storm outside. My array of fur coats and denim jackets remind me they exist everyday by jumping off the hook in my tiny hallway proving dangerous safety hazards to anyone wishing to walk through. 
I think we all don’t quite want to accept summer is over but why fear early sunsets? Autumn is a time of hot chocolate, bonfires, golden leaves and an excuse to snuggle for warmth. 
Happy Autumn everybody, 
The Girl Next Door