The 39 Steps

No, when I talk about ‘The 39 Steps’, I am not referring to the steps of the Met in New York City or the famous Spanish Steps in Italy. I am simply talking about ‘The 39 Steps’ performed in London year after year after year. Just goes to show how ‘steps’ really influence our world today, weird isn’t it. But, seriously, this play is pure genius. I ventured into Piccadilly Circus last night to the Criterion Theatre, to enjoy an evening full of laughter and smiles.


This comedy, based on the Hitchcock classic, set in London in 1920, contains a cast of just 4, yes just 4, whom are able to play over 130 roles (and come quickly in and out of character, even interacting with the audience at points). Although the story line wasn’t the best of the best (staring with a surprise murder in Portland Place and ending with… I know better than to ruin the ending for you, don’t you worry), the way it was put together was absolutely perfect, not one thing seemed out of place. The actors adapted to their rules within seconds, and the jokes made left the audience begging for more, no one wanted to leave (even the actors, who took their bows over 5 times). The comical themes of the play were shown through the intriguing characters, with a male actor who continuously seemed to play a female actor, as well as the absurd and exaggerated events in the play, such as the lead male characters serious infatuation with woman. What was also particularly clever in the play was the use of props, with a series of props being used for not what they really are, like the pipe that was used for a pistol. As well as adding comedy to the play, this use of props showed a deep understanding for the play and the cleverness behind it. The play, you could say, was un-natralistic, just what we need to take us away from our ever so boring lives.


Kudos to the directer, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend everyone out there attends this hour and a half of pure joy.